LaHoChi Workshops

LaHoChi initiations and training are occasionaly available at my home in Wisconsin.  Call Elizabeth to learn of other locations offering LaHoChi workshops.

The workshops weave a tapestry, the integrated fabric of which will include:

  • Initiation and entry into the 13th octave
  • LaHoChi initiation and healing
  • Advanced positions for LaHoChi practicioners
  • Angel Light initiation and healing
  • Hands-on healing sessions
  • Gifting, teaching and integration of the healing tools of the 13th octave
  • Vibrational attunement of the 13 chakras of rebirth and reintegration
  • Teaching and integration of the healing tools of the
  • Intergalactic Federation and UFOG
  • New healing gifts from the Masters
Photo of LaHoChi Handbook
” …Liz put her hands on my back for what seemed like five minutes, there was a sudden sound like a cello string being pulled … a deep muscular release. I have had no problems with my back now for two years, before I had a twenty-year chronic back condition… “

LaHoChi Master | Books

The LaHoChi Master has been prodding me for some time now to co-creatively release these instructions in written form and provide them to a wide audience. It is our desire that this superb healing technique become a significant part of your health maintenance ritual and helps to bring about perfect health for the creation of Heaven on Earth.