How LaHoChi Works

Each physical body is in existence because of a number of layers or “fields” each vibrating and co-existing around us at different frequencies. If there is a manifestation of an illness or imbalance on the physical / cellular layer of the body it logically follows that there is also an energetic disturbance on one or all of the subtle energetic fields as well.

LaHoChi Energy

LaHoChi energy quickly travels to the part of the body out of balance and clears, cleanses and energizes the area back into health. The higher the frequency of healing light the healer can access, the more complete the healing will be on all levels.

The more you practice this technique the better you get at moving high frequency healing through you and to others. The healing light enters through the crown chakra and is downloaded to the heart chakra. It then flows down through the hands and to the recipient. To my knowledge, this is the highest frequency, laying on of hands healing modality available on the planet in written form to anyone at this time.

All healings are permanent and continuously propel us towards infinite spiritual perfection.

Photo of LaHoChi Handbook
“… when her hands were on my heart it felt like home and a deep connection with spirit, while compassionate, white light filled my body…”

LaHoChi Master | Books

The LaHoChi Master has been prodding me for some time now to co-creatively release these instructions in written form and provide them to a wide audience. It is our desire that this superb healing technique become a significant part of your health maintenance ritual and helps to bring about perfect health for the creation of Heaven on Earth.