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Elizabeth Patric

Elizabeth Patric is a gifted and widely known bio-field energy practitioner and author. Her healing abilities have been authenticated through meticulous scientific testing, measuring, and documentation. Her 16 research projects have been published in peer-reviewed journals that are internationally recognized in the areas of remote healing, bio-field healing, plant biology, cell biology, and animal science.

Elizabeth is also sought after for her gift of being able to evaluate the energetic totality of her clients and recommend flower essence remedies (that she co-creates) and other holistic practices that address her client’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. She owns Spiritwater Gardens ( where she offers her remarkable flower and gem essences.

Every facet of Elizabeth’s practice strives to bring out the beauty of the soul and spirit of each of her clients. Through her guidance, they develop great momentum in their spiritual expansion and passion for life, as well as experience enhanced intelligence, self-esteem, and divine connection. Each of her clients gain exceptional abilities to unveil their most authentic qualities, enabling them to make the most unlimited expression of their creative potential and make significant contributions to the planet.

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To learn more, please visit her Spirt Water Gardens website. She is currently working on her second book entitled Co-creation: The Fulfillment of the Promise of Heaven on Earth.

Elizabeth lives in Northern Wisconsin and can be reached at 715-272-1593 or e-mailed at

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LaHoChi Master | Books

The LaHoChi Master has been prodding me for some time now to co-creatively release these instructions in written form and provide them to a wide audience. It is our desire that this superb healing technique become a significant part of your health maintenance ritual and helps to bring about perfect health for the creation of Heaven on Earth.