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There is at least one French translation of the LaHoChi Manual that is posted on the internet which is unauthorized and illegal. As with other energetic healing modalities, it is critical in the transmission of knowledge that exact refined procedures, hand positions, and directions be followed so that the energy moves in the most exquisite way that the divine energies originally established. It is also crucial to honor lineage by including the author page. This is the way that the healing system is kept in its purest and highest integrity. We do not want to neutralize or contaminate this truly miraculous healing energy modality.
The French translation and layout by Shinna V. Copyright March 2024 is the only version authorized by Elizabeth Patric and is only available on this website All other versions are neither compliant or authorized by the author and therefore constitute a violation of Copyright. You can neither subtract or add, nor modify anything in this or any other translation of the manual without the written permission of the original author.
Il existe au moins une traduction française du manuel LaHoChi publiée sur Internet qui est non autorisée et illégale. Comme pour les autres modalités de guérison énergétique, il est essentiel dans la transmission des connaissances que des procédures, des positions des mains et des directions précises et raffinées soient suivies afin que l’énergie se déplace de la manière la plus raffinée que les énergies divines ont initialement établie. Il est également crucial d’honorer la lignée en incluant la page de l’auteur. C’est ainsi que le système de guérison est maintenu dans sa plus pure et sa plus haute intégrité. Nous ne voulons pas neutraliser ou contaminer cette modalité énergétique de guérison véritablement miraculeuse.
La traduction française et sa mise en page ont été réalisées par Shinna V., © mars 2024. Elle est la seule version autorisée par Elizabeth Patric et est disponible uniquement sur ce site Toutes les autres versions ne sont ni conformes ni autorisées par l’auteur et constituent donc une violation du droit d’auteur. Vous ne pouvez ni soustraire, ni ajouter, ni modifier quoi que ce soit dans cette traduction, ou dans toute autre traduction de manuel, sans l’autorisation écrite de l’autrice originale.
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LaHoChi is a powerful hands on healing technique that brings in a very high frequency of light. This web site offers information on LaHoChi and a comprehensive handbook with detailed photographs and instructions that will teach you every thing you need to know to heal others and yourself. Anyone can learn this simple healing method. There is no hierarchy of healing abilities or levels. You can be administering LaHoChi healing energies on yourself almost immediately after familiarizing yourself with the very simple instructions and photographs..

Seal of Protection

Some unique features of this method include an automatic “Seal of Protection” around both the healer and the recipient, guarding against low frequency vibrations. This ensures that the healer will not absorb any released energies. LaHoChi features five simple hand positions to heal others and four easy self healing hand positions so you can work on yourself quickly and thoroughly. This type of healing continuously fills the healer with light so there is never a drain to the healer’s energy field. The healings create permanent shifts in our energy field and continuously propel us towards infinite spiritual perfection.
Photo of LaHoChi Handbook

LaHoChi Master | Books

The LaHoChi Master has been prodding me for some time now to co-creatively release these instructions in written form and provide them to a wide audience. It is our desire that this superb healing technique simply become a significant part of your health maintenance ritual and helps to bring about perfect health for the creation of Heaven on Earth.