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Elizabeth Patric

Elizabeth Patric is the founder and owner of Spiritwater Gardens LLC, where she co-creates with the help of non-physical nature beings of love and light frequencies, Flower Essence Combinations that address our physical, mental, emotional, sexual, relationship, financial and spiritual challenges for our healing and transformation. She grew up in the very heart of the Adirondack Wilderness of upstate New York.  She is a flower essence therapist, energy healer, author and tantric yoga and meditation teacher with over 35 years of practice. Elizabeth is a certified and registered yoga teacher at the highest credentialed level RYT 500 ED. She has certified yoga instructors at her Northwoods Yoga School which she founded.  She is author of both Flowerspeak – The Flower Whisperer’s Guide to Health, Happiness and Awakening and a manual on a form of healing whose energies originate from Lao-Tzu entitled LaHoChi – High Frequency Hands- on Healing. ( Currently, Elizabeth is passionate about astral biology and writing her third book tentatively titled The Metaphysical Naturalist – Reconnecting with Nature for Healing and Expansion of Consciousness.

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To learn more, please visit her Spirt Water Gardens website. She is currently working on her second book entitled Co-creation: The Fulfillment of the Promise of Heaven on Earth.

Elizabeth lives in Northern Wisconsin and can be reached at 715-272-1593 or e-mailed at

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LaHoChi Master | Books

The LaHoChi Master has been prodding me for some time now to co-creatively release these instructions in written form and provide them to a wide audience. It is our desire that this superb healing technique become a significant part of your health maintenance ritual and helps to bring about perfect health for the creation of Heaven on Earth.